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A “View” of the bay and CNBC today

CNBC is actually coming up in mere minutes; I’ll be taping for “On the Money,” on the topic of the technologies that are scaring the bejesus out of the entertainment industry. That’s kind of my favorite, lately. Also, yesterday, I taped a segment with View from the Bay, an ABC affiliate talk show here in San Francisco. It was the old five-gadgets-on-a-table action, and you can see the video at the link above. I expect this to be a fairly crazy time, actually, what with all the back to school stuff. I’ll attempt to keep you up to date.

And in a vaguely related (it’s TV!) “what is the world coming to” comment, I just read that ESPN will have to air the rest of the Little League World Series on a Janet Jackson-style, five-second delay, because a player dropped an F-bomb in primetime. Worse, after the expletive was clearly picked up and aired around the world, the Little Leaguer’s manager apparently slapped him across the face. WHAT!? Seriously. I think all our sports role models are having a bigger influence than the think. I’m talkin’ to you, T.O.

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  • Hope the CNBC video went well, Bloomberg has an ‘On the Money’ tonight at 7pm so that’s in my Sky Reminder. Hope you rocked.

    I think if I dropped the F-bomb on national TV my mom/manager/dad/brother/dog etc.. would smack me. Probably just my family. Still, they’re little kids – why are they talking in such a way?!

    Kinda depressing to hear about back-to-school, im at the end of a glorious 10 week summer and I just got my GCSE results!

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