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My sentiments exactly

So, you know, some fairly big news today: CBS to acquire CNET (with obligatory disclaimer that the deal’s not done and everything). I know only what you know, other than that I am, of course, extremely interested in what’s going to happen over the next several months. But I will say it’s been kind of exciting to see the CNET name being bandied about like crazy today, from Variety to Perez Hilton to the New York Times. And I’m not going to lie: it was kind of exciting to see me in the New York Times (click if you can’t read it at this size) …

NY Times commenter asks the important question: what about BOL?

Thanks for looking out for us, Jimbo.

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“My sentiments exactly”
  • Not sure if I’m just not caffeinated, but I can’t find any imaetmlneption details. The post referenced the “Webmaster central article” but when I searched, there does not appear to be any specific info around imaetmlneption of Application Rich Snippet code. Can anyone point me to the related documentation?

  • That’s exciting, Molly!

    I’ve been watching your CNET videos on my Tivo for a long time now, and look forward to seeing you every week. I hope that whatever happens, you’re still able to send out your video to brighten up my day!

    David in Ohio

  • Molly:

    Do you think this is a “get into the space for diversity” acquisition (in which case they might tweak, but otherwise keep it “as is” and running on its own) or some type of synergy and cross-over move (CBS’s tech branch, which could mean CNET TV on, well, TV)?

    BTW, I have not listened to Monday’s BOL (late release and all) so if you already gave your opinion there, nevermind. :0)

  • What could happen molly? I mean CNET has been acquired before, yes? So, how does it affect the general face of the site. For example, it seemed that CNET had been concentrating on expanding CNET TV and its New York office, does that mean that now you (CNET) may head in a different direction? (expanding overseas etc.)


  • Christina Ricci at the Costume Institute Gala?!? Wow, that is big news! :)

    Love you, Molly! Hope it all works out!

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