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Car tech! My Ford F-150 video

I got to spend last weekend driving around in a 2009 Ford F-150, which I now really miss, so I could do a rare Car Tech video for CNET. It was awesome, Eli needs that truck, and I found a great new place to go horseback riding!

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“Car tech! My Ford F-150 video”
  • I think I can offer an interesting perspective here, being a brit who watches a lot of Top Gear (a show that sets the standard for video car reviews) Molly doesn’t follow that same kind of formula of talking to camera while driving like a lunatic, then trying to be as funny as possible while doing it. Instead she goes for a voice over and is driving very sensibly. The review was still very entertaining and utterly professional.

    I’m beginning to wonder if there is anything in video that Molly could suck at. I don’t know how long this piece took to put together but it comes across like this is what Molly does a living, reviews cars every day. And yet from what’s said it seems like that’s the first (or one of a few) car reviews Molly has done.

    I should stop now before I start coming across as all star struck and creepy like the “fans” (stalkers more like) of Alison Mack from that Superman show, the blog of whom I came across recently and was amazed at the “you have changed my life, I love you, I want your babies” kinda crap being spewed by so many of the posters there.

    Hopefully I avoided that and stayed on the sane side but if I were rich enough, I would buy Molly that truck (I know that pushed me over to the creepy side)

  • I am pretty sure that Molly is 6′ – but I can’t find that anywhere right now. Add about 3″ for the boots and you’ve got 75″.

  • OMG, how tall is Molly??! This truck is a good 75″ tall, and she’s taller than the truck…

  • Molly,

    That was a great commercial.

    Please try a Dodge.

    Thanks. Hope you are over your sickness.

    W. Kirk Crawford
    Tularosa, New Mexico

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