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Going independent … and going authentic

This week, I announced that I’m leaving CNET to pursue independent projects.

What I’m really pursuing with this move, though, is independence. I’m not just going freelance: I’m going authentic.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about what to do with my career over the last few months–years, maybe. And I finally came up with what I consider the North Star for my future: in a sea of noise, authentic, personal voices are the only things that matter.

I feel lucky that my audience considers me one of those voices, and I don’t want to lose that trust. In fact, I plan to continue in that vein–in spades. I’ll be podcasting, writing, and ranting for you, and for myself. No bullshit, listener-funded content, and no pulled punches.

I don’t want to suggest that CBS or CNET ever constrained me–and in fact, I know I said and wrote a lot of things during my time there that didn’t make sales, management, or even Les Moonves particularly happy. And believe me: no one ever said a word (except one time when I got drunk with some sales people at the Webbys and they half-jokingly begged me to please make fun of monitor makers, maybe, instead of Apple all the time).

But no matter how clean your shop is, when you’re a corporate citizen, you’re a corporate citizen. You know there are lines you shouldn’t cross. And I’ve been a corporate citizen for a very long time now. I’m excited to, as I said in my CNET blog post, own my own career, my brand, and my time. As a very good friend said to me recently, “freelance is the only career I’ve ever had that had ‘free’ in the name.”

I hope you’ll all join me on this journey, and that you’ll support the exciting project that’s coming next. Stay tuned! Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter for updates–it’s free, and ad-free, too!

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“Going independent … and going authentic”
  • I wish you luck in what ever comes next I’ve loved your personality in all the shows you’ve done over the years. keep being you Molly. long live BOL

  • Sad to see you go but so excited for you as you take on the world without constraints! Will your rants be more biting now? Hope so!

    BOL = Best of Luck! :)

  • First of all I have to agree with all the others, HUGE Congratulations are in order! I wish you all the best for your future wherever it will take you! Thank you for the last 8 awesome years of podcasting, blogging, tweeting and making my daily commutes bearable, to new beginnings and to you :) With the best from Germany, take care and see you on the other side :D

  • Good golly Ms. Molly,

    You’re going places!

    Anyways, kinda sad Always On is gone. I felt sad when Always On lost Jeff Cannata but I guess it’s probably budget issues.

    You probably heard/read this multiple times but I also felt sad when we lost BOL, Buzz Report and Gadgettes. I think the pattern here is that you do not control what happens to your blood, sweat and tears when you’re a corporate citizen.

    I actually thought that whole Best of CES/Cnet/Dish fiasco would be the last straw but calmer minds prevail as least for a few months.

    I’m glad that you’re going freelance and would not be tangled by advertisers and network execs. Kinda sad you won’t be on TWiT since the Petaluma studios is (kinda) near your home base.

    So for now, I would have to content with It’s A Thing for my dose of the Molly (You and Tom promised you’ll come back… right? Unless breaking promises became you and tom’s “thing”, I’m not worried).

    Good luck to your next adventure and hopefully I’lll here that classic nerd voice, sometimes ranting Molly and more ToMolly soon.

  • Hi Molly, I’m saddened to hear you’re leaving CNET. However, I do hope the rumors of you joining the No Agenda podcast are untrue. I’ve never heard of their show before, but I just listened to a disturbing segment they recently aired about a former co-worker of yours from CNET. The things said within are vile, offensive and completely unacceptable.

    Please assure the rest of your loyal fans who will follow you wherever you go that you will not be joining this misogynistic and classless show. I worry, as you seem to have a lot of Twitter interactions with one of the hosts.

    I’ll only include the link so you may hear it for yourself.

  • Continued success from one of your biggest fans. Please keep us posted so we can continue to have you as an integral part of our life’s.

    All the best and take care.

  • This is a great decision, you have clearly outgrown the need to kowtow to the corporate line; I look forward to the new uncensored Molly Rants! All the best to you in this new direction!

  • I just saw your final “Always On” episode, set in Napa. It’s kind of fitting to end in wine country, as you crushed it.

  • Best of luck Molly!
    I’ve following several CNET shows for years and I’m really hoping to see a farewell get together for you with both Brians, Tom, Jason and the others a’la final BOL episode. Regards, Peter from Sweden

  • Sorry to see go Molly i love your work on Always on and the Buzz report you Will be missed and I understand sometimes when a change is needed you need to follow your heart , its strange i feel as thou your my internet sister. You look great and you have a fantastic personalty I know you are loved by thousands of people and me around the world and we all wish you lots of happiness and good health in what ever you do lots of love Aziz.x
    P.S dose this mean Brian Cooley will be leaving soon as well ? you booth are the best of what you do at cent.

  • I know you’ll do great Molly. I’ve followed your shows and enjoy all the shenanigans, especially the torture you put those poor little gadgets through on Always On. You have great things ahead of you, best of luck and happy writings.

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