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I’m going to the New York Times!

“Excited” doesn’t really do it justice, but I’m excited to announce that I’m joining the New York Times as a deputy technology editor, to write, make videos, opine, tweet, and help guide personal technology coverage for the paper and online. I’ll be working to develop a new column covering personal technology, and I’m open to name suggestions!

I’ll be based in San Francisco, working with the team of reporters and editors here, and in just a short time I’m already so impressed with The Times’ foresight and eagerness to jump at the opportunity to do even bigger, broader, better, and more cohesive tech coverage than it’s already doing. Plus, I know it’s the kind of place that will make me better at what I do, and I can’t wait to start getting edited.

A friend pointed out that for a j-school kid to end up at The Times is kind of like an actor winning an Oscar, and that’s a little bit how I feel. I left CNET intending to freelance, podcast, and work on a book, but I was thrilled to discover I had more options than I thought. And to go work at The Times is, for me, the absolute best option possible.

Thanks to those of you who’ve stuck with me through this little vacation of mine, asking what I was going to do next. The truth was that I wasn’t really sure what would happen when I quit my job, and as it turns out, only good things have occurred (including the most relaxing holiday season and CES I’ve had in about a decade). I’m grateful, I’m rested, and now I’m ready to say goodbye to the Uggs and the daytime gym visits, and get back to work!

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“I’m going to the New York Times!”

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