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I’m going to the New York Times!

“Excited” doesn’t really do it justice, but I’m excited to announce that I’m joining the New York Times as a deputy technology editor, to write, make videos, opine, tweet, and help guide personal technology coverage for the paper and online. I’ll be working to develop a new column covering personal technology, and I’m open to name suggestions!

I’ll be based in San Francisco, working with the team of reporters and editors here, and in just a short time I’m already so impressed with The Times’ foresight and eagerness to jump at the opportunity to do even bigger, broader, better, and more cohesive tech coverage than it’s already doing. Plus, I know it’s the kind of place that will make me better at what I do, and I can’t wait to start getting edited.

A friend pointed out that for a j-school kid to end up at The Times is kind of like an actor winning an Oscar, and that’s a little bit how I feel. I left CNET intending to freelance, podcast, and work on a book, but I was thrilled to discover I had more options than I thought. And to go work at The Times is, for me, the absolute best option possible.

Thanks to those of you who’ve stuck with me through this little vacation of mine, asking what I was going to do next. The truth was that I wasn’t really sure what would happen when I quit my job, and as it turns out, only good things have occurred (including the most relaxing holiday season and CES I’ve had in about a decade). I’m grateful, I’m rested, and now I’m ready to say goodbye to the Uggs and the daytime gym visits, and get back to work!

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“I’m going to the New York Times!”
  • I enjoy your columns.

    UBISOFT is having some serious technical problems.. for many of us – game players

    The Crew – which debuted in December has been plagued with server login problems..

    I have had a problem logging into the Crew for about 10 days… with little or no feedback from

    UBISOFT about resolution of the problem.

    here are a few postings from the UBISOFT Forum… fyi (p.s. I’m a retired faculty member – formerly worked at San Jose State University)

    The Crew – Corrupted Saves “Error #3_5eaa9404_3” | Forums

    Yes still can’t access the game, still getting error 3_5eaa9404_3.

    This situation is getting ridiculous, if i could get a full refund I would. It doesn’t matter how good a game is if you can’t play it because you can’t connect to the server.

    Been about 10 or 11 days now its beyond a joke new dlc speed car pack available today for season pass holders which I have but I cant play the game I cant believe you havn’t got the decency to keep us updated to what is really going on. I get the impression mow you have either lost our saves completely or you dont have any idea how to fix the problem but the longer it goes on the more compo you owe us cause it is beyond a joke some sort of time scale any info would be nice not just these useless messages that really mean you aint got a clue when it will be fixed

    Since you seem incapable to fix this problem in a timely manner, can you please delete my save so I can start the game over.
    It’s starting to get beyond annoying having bought this game two weeks ago and only been able to play it three days

    Indeed, it is frustrating that new content has been released as part of an exclusive time window for Season Pass purchasers… some of whom can’t even start the game, let alone access the new content that they paid for. For some customers, including me, it has been eleven days without access to the game. I wonder how much longer this matter will take to resolve? There doesn’t appear to be any indication of this.

    It is even more frustrating to be told to submit a support ticket when there is no response beyond the initial automated reply.

    11 days same error Error #3_5eaa9404_3.Unbelievable.You are just not capable of fixing it

    Got the same problem for 10 days. That’s incredible

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  • Since it’s been, I don’t know, what nearly a year since you posted you’re moving to NYT, how about an update? :) How are things goin’ over there? We’re interested to hear more about how it’s all working for you.

  • Hi Molly,

    Lots of problems with iOS 8 and music making apps. We had a stable, solid platform until iOS 8 hit and now things are dysfunctional.

    Would love to discuss it and point you in the direction of others who might help with a story.


    Adam Matza

  • Hi Molly! I’ve missed seeing your charismatic self on CNET. Honestly the only reason I ever visited the site. I was so excited when I saw you on the front page of the NYT online.

  • Hi Molly, I seen almost every one of your cnet videos and always wondered why there where no more, I really think that the New York Times is gong to rock with you, I already seen all the videos and they are amazing, I like your charisma a lot! Good luck in every thing you do!

  • Hi Molly, just came across some of your work through my NYT Twitter connection.
    Really enjoying your work, and it doesn’t hurt that you’re such a lovely lass. Lol
    Keep up the great work!

  • Hi. Fan out here. End of July 2014. How ’bout some M.W. blog updates regarding totally new work life (or anything else) ?

  • Great news Molly!! Glad to see you back, and on the NYT!! Best of luck and keep smiling’ :)

  • Congrats from your fans in Pennsylvania Molly! (If you need a map… I literally raged my butt off when I found out you were leaving CNET and Always On, but I am glad it turned out to be a good thing for you eventually! Good luck at the Times, and STAY CLASSY MOLLY!!!!!!!!!


    PS, If you followed me on Twitter (@wowdogetech) it would make my day! Hope this message made yours =)

    PPS, Idea for the name of your column: Molly Tech (Any idea where that came from? Do you see it???)

  • Late to the party, Molly, but a big congratulations. I’ve been watching you everywhere for some time and it’s so nice to see you land at the Times. You’re right, what a coup for a Montana J-School kid!

  • The world has been a grayer place since you have left :( PLEASE brighten our world with a rant, some common sense and your smile!

  • Great….congratz….now go get Apple in a head-lock….because they don’t seem to respond to the suggestions of the professionals who have been using their equipment for over 2 decades….time to “shake the grass”

  • So happy you are back. Missed you from Cnet days and was amazed to find you at the NYT. Congrats and I expect great things.

  • Just watched your selfie video on the NYT. So much fun — and informative to boot. Congratulations!!

  • Molly, I have started a twitter campaign of 1 to get you on Jon Stewart show. David Pogue was in Apples Pocket. I love that nobody owns you, heck you even carried a Nokia N97 phone for a week. It starts with just 1 voice. Keep up the great work. Townie BAGELS loves you in Palm Springs, CA

  • You’re gonna be much more fun on air than David Pogue ever was! Please do lots of multimedia stuff?

  • Congrats! Looking forward to read your column soon! So glad that you will be active! I was worried that you would be gone after CNet. very cool.

  • AWEEESOME, MOLLY! I was reading tech news and thought: “where’s Molly? I hope she’s doing fine”, so I googled you ang BOOM! Deputy editor at the NYT. And you get to stay in SF! I’m thrilled for you. Please share more info when you can.

  • That is AWESOME!!! Congratulations! Surprized it took them this long though. NY Times is a great media source and you are a really good match for them. They are lucky to have you.

    Hope this doesn’t put the stoppers on your new podcast though. That would kinda suck for us listeners. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. :)

    Congrats again, and Go Get’em!!

  • NEAT… personal tech requires not being intimidated by the marketing fads,,, AND YOU HAVE THAT!!!!

    The “Always On” format works GREAT

  • Congratulations!! I am the guy who recognized you by the McDonald’s in the Denver airport from your TiVo show. I appreciate your mentioning me in your final broadcast. I am an avid New York Times reader and look forward to seeing you there. I am sure you will be great. Good luck.

  • Congrats on the new job. I stopped reading the NYT after the Judith Miller debacle. Maybe you can bring some nobility back to the institution. ;)

    I hope we’ll still get to hear you regularly on podcasts…

  • Congrats.. I saw your review of the new Mac in the Times a little while ago and hoped it was the start of a new opportunity. They must have been impressed. They are doing some great multimedia content.

  • Congratulations! I really enjoyed your videos from Cnet and have been missing seeing you. You have a expressive and spontaneous personality and your excitement about this new job, will surely deliver us great pieces of work from you. And you look good on camera too. Greetings from Costa Rica.

  • I’m only thrilled for you, Molly. I was hoping for more chat room fun with a podcast, but this, this is amazing for you! And, you don’t have to move to NYC – win win! (I love NYC, but…yeah. No.)

  • Congrats! and as for name suggestions: Molly-fied! (assuing rants will be common). Digital: Single & Plural: Personal tech in a connected world, Singularity (because it is a buzz word and you should always Buzz Out Loud), The Next Big Little Thing (taking a buzzword and *Uniquifying* [totally made that up] it), &

    my personal favorite concept: Help from my Normal Nerd: Molly Wood on the latest in personal technology.

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