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Next stop: Radio. I’m going to Marketplace!

A personal blog is a funny thing, in the age of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and every other way I choose to share information these days. For example, the last post here on my personal blog says that I’m going to the New York Times.

This post says that I’m leaving the New York Times. I’m leaving it for American Public Media’s Marketplace show on public radio, where I’ll have the (quite remarkable) title of Host and Senior Tech Correspondent.

I’ll continue to be based in San Francisco, but I’ll be the backup host for the Marketplace properties: the afternoon show with Kai Ryssdal, the Morning Report with David Brancaccio, the Tech show with the wonderful Ben Johnson (who got me into this mess) and the Weekend show with Lizzie O’Leary.

When I’m not doing that, I’ll be delivering feature reports on Silicon Valley and the tech industry.

And I could not be more thrilled and excited.

Those of you who know Marketplace know why! The show is funny, witty, smart, and my favorite thing: profoundly interesting. It’s my honor to get to be one of the voices in such a unique and valuable portfolio.

Those of you who know me know why I couldn’t resist going there. I love radio. I love audio, the medium. I think audio is the great underestimated medium of our time. It’s so intimate–it literally whispers in your ear. It’s portable, it’s where you are whatever you’re doing. It’s with you in the car, at the gym, on your bike, out in the woods with your earphones in. (Plus, it requires a lot less makeup than video.)

I’m a little intimidated, too, because radio is actually the last journalistic medium I haven’t done. Sure, I’ve been on the radio. After all, I’ve been doing a weekly appearance on Marketplace for what, almost six years? Since the days of John Moe! But I’ve never done radio reporting–that’s saying a lot, because I’ve done newspapers, magazines, wire service, podcasting, video, book editing and online writing and reporting in my short time on this planet. Radio is the last undiscovered country for me, and I am looking forward to the challenge.

I had a tremendous experience at the New York Times. I met some incredible colleagues, I was lucky to be in the company of many brilliant people, and I unquestionably became a better journalist thanks to the rigor, the accountability, the incredibly high standards and the great editors I was lucky enough to work with.

But I think those of you who know me well or who have followed my career thus far will understand that for me, this Marketplace opportunity feels like a perfect fit. I just couldn’t turn it down. I’m grateful that I was able to appear in the pages of the Times at all, and I hope I will again.

For now, though, I’m thinking how funny it is that we’re on the cusp of the 10th anniversary of Buzz Out Loud, the little podcast that taught me how to talk, and how I am on the cusp of finding a whole new voice, on a whole new adventure, all this time later. And it just feels right.

I hope you’ll all tune in!

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“Next stop: Radio. I’m going to Marketplace!”
  • Thanks lads. I was torn between posting this version and the colour version that I have because I really like that one too. In the end, I went with the B&W because it felt that much more dramatic.

  • It appears to me that this web site doesnt load up on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks having the same problem? I like this web site and dont want to have to miss it any time Im away from my computer.

  • FABULOUS! I have loads of band tees that I don't know what to do with – I don't wear them and I don't wear boob tubes – but I cannot bring myself to ditch them either! You look amazing, amor. That maxi is darling – love the ruffle – and all that chunky jewellery is gorgeous. You're so clever. LovetheStones, Sarah xxxPS Are we skyping tomorrow?

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  • I miss your columns at The New York Times; I came to rely on them especially when I was in the market for a new computer in 2014 and was seriously looking at Chromebooks. However, I love Marketplace too and am glad that you are there!

  • Not sure if this was yet posted here, but you can get this app for a Windows 7 or 8 PC from Intel AppUp app store. It’s not the same as using it on a touch srceen, but it has calmed my son while we patiently wait for a droid version to be created.

  • Just heard you today on Marketplace and thought, “Hmm, I was friends with a Molly Wood in grade school (Pioneer, Bismarck ND), wonder if this is her?” Did a quick search and discovered it really is! What a fun trip down memory lane. Congrats on all your success!

  • 8/5/2015 I was listening this morning to NPR and heard someone named Molly Wood doing a report. I couldn’t believe, at first, it was you. I said to myself, wow, two media people, high profile media people, with the name “Molly Wood”, how unusual. But, after a bit, I heard, yup, the real Molly Wood’s voice, inflections, emphases. So, I said to myself, well, that’s good. There aren’t two Molly Wood after all, not in the media business.

  • Hi Molly,
    I seldom comment but after hearing you this week on Marketplace I was so impressed I needed to write to congratulate you and encourage you. My favorite radio show got better with your joining the team.

  • Just heard you on Marketplace! Then I headed here to find out what’s going on. Marketplace is one of my favorite shows on public radio. I’m very excited. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Congrats Molly!

  • Wherever Molly is, that’s where I will go. Without her, CNET has become far less interesting, and the person who “replaced” Molly has the grace and personality of a lox. Thank you NPR for once more making America better.

  • Best regards from Brazil .
    I want to let you know you were the one who helped me choose the smartphone I am using currently . Thanks for that and for the simple tips you’ve given me since I first watched your videos on the nyt. Good luck with your new job !!!! I will miss you.

  • Hi Molly,
    I greatly enjoyed your Times videos. I’ve been checking for new ones every week. I think you’re journalism & humor are very fresh and informative. Like a previous reader noted, I read the Times everyday, but had never heard of Marketplace until searching for you. I will look out for your content. Thanks again for sharing your humor and wit with the Times readers.

  • I enjoyed your videos on the NYTimes and am sad to see you go. As much as I like Marketplace, I don’t catch it regularly. But I read the NYTimes every day.

    Good luck!

  • I’ve been listening to Marketplace since the 90s and listening to Buzz Out Loud from early 2005 until its sad demise. When I heard your voice first on Marketplace I was surprised and pleased, but now you will be a regular, Ultimate Cross-Over! Better than the comics :-) It will be great to hear you regularly on one of my favorite shows.

  • the adventuress type aren’t you

    best of luck, but then again, you always make your own luck

  • well funnily enough, this is how i found out you are leaving NYT for online radio.
    not everyone is following twitter or has joined Facebook :)

  • Good luck Molly. I love Marketplace and Planet Money. Radio rules! Take it from someone who volunteers as Art Focus host on little old KBOO 90.7FM in Portland.

  • Congrats on your newest adventure Ms Molly! Best of luck! Hoping o say hi at the upcoming BOL reunion later this month.?

    …….GEEK ON ?
    ….(\__/) ?
    .? ? ?”

  • Congrats on your newest adventure Ms Molly! Best of luck! Hoping o say hi at the upcoming BOL reunion later this month.?

    …….GEEK ON ?
    ….(\__/) ?
    .? ? ?”

  • Congratulations! Faithful listener of Marketplace. You are the icing on the cake. Very happy for you.

  • It’s been fun following your career path from one media to another, and you always seem to appear on my favorites shows/podcast/news. Your writing skills and BOL/Gadgettes wit will serve you well at NPR/Marketplace.

  • Congratulations, and well deserved! Marketplace has always been one of my favorite shows, and now even more so.

  • I am so excited to hear this news. Congrats! You will be a perfect fit for Marketplace, and I can wait to hear you start popping up in my podcasts again on a regular basis!

  • Congratulations! Marketplace is the greatest. And I feel the same way you do about radio. the tv is almost never on for me. Instead the radio is because it lets you use your imagination. I wish you the very best of luck.

  • congratulations molly your career has been stellar. I look forward to your future endeavors and your return to an audio medium. Although to date everything you have done has been awesome and awe inspiring. Good luck and have a great one.

  • So thrilled to hear this, Molly! As much as I enjoy reading you and watching you, it’s listening to you that’s always given me the greatest enjoyment. You’re a natural at the audio medium, with terrific delivery, a warm voice, and a great knack for storytelling. I’ll be listening!

  • Congrats Molly! The Sharp PR team enjoyed working with you prior to CES this year! While Sharp may no longer be a fit for your coverage hopefully one of my other clients will give me an opportunity to cross your path in the future.

    Best of luck!

  • Congrats, Molly – that is so exciting. We’re all looking forward to hearing your voice in our headphones more regularly :)

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