Writing ⋅ Podcast ⋅ Video

Name check!

In the Mac Daily News, about my refusal to buy a MacBook because there’s no second-mouse button. Not surprisingly, they disagree. Good thing they never read this! (At least I have a history of this type of sentiment.)

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CNBC On the Money: Microsoft (and Molly) on trial

Molly on CNBC

So, after roughly a day and a half of trying to rip a DVD, edit it into a clip, then upload it into my custom Gallery installation, I’ve finally managed to get this video uploaded here.

Did I mention I’m using the Mac? And that most programs, although I don’t know if it’s true on Windows, prevent you from even the most basic fair-use DVD ripping for fear that you might be trying to circumvent copyright? Although, I suppose there’s some chance that by uploading this clip of myself, I am, in fact, circumventing copyright.


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