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Feeling kind of down, in a lady way

Wow, I don’t usually get all fired up about The Issues of Feminism, but I just had a little string of depressing reading that I sort of have to blog about. First, I was looking for a new name for our podcast formerly known as Gadget Girls. Someone emailed me and suggested “Gadget [insert synonym for girl here]s,” with the following list of synonyms, taken from Roget’s New Millennium Thesaurus:

Synonyms: babe, baby doll, bird, blonde, bobby-soxer, boytoy, broad, butterfly, canary, chick, coed, cupcake, cutie, dame, damsel, daughter, deb, debutante, doll, female, filly, gal, jail bait, lady, lassie, mademoiselle, maid, maiden, minx, miss, missy, mouse, nymph, nymphet, piece, queen, schoolgirl, she, sis, skirt, spring chicken, teenybopper, tomato, tomboy, virgin, wench, witch, woman

PIECE? Wench? Witch? These are synonyms for “girl,” which I consider to be one of the most innocuous words in the English language? Check out “boy:”

buck, cadet, chap, child, chip, dude, fellow, gamin, guy, half-pint, junior, lad, little guy, master, punk, puppy, runt, schoolboy, shaveling, shaver, small fry, sonny, sprout, squirt, stripling, tadpole, whippersnapper, youngster, youth

Not many offensive sexual overtones there, are there? NO!

Then, within an HOUR, someone sent this link to a pretty funny article about being a girl gamer on the Internet–the shock, the disbelief, the cheesy come-ons, the constant requests for pictures. I’ve played on Xbox Live, I’ve seen it. I chuckled. And then I saw the comments about the article over on Joystiq. Such as:

“Hilarious, more like “shitty”. I saw that article a few days ago and cringed at the lines about her owning me. Yeah ok. To offer a counterpoint, I find that most girls on the internet are stupid attention whores just like this one. Protip to Miss BUTTS: Wax your top lip, you look like hulk hogan.”


“I believe that a lot of women play games online but almost all of the ones i’v encountered have been quite pathetic. Most have been in Halo 2, which, from experience, leads me to believe that women have horrible hand-eye coordination and no sense of tact. I once played a woman in NBA2k4 she had her ass handed a 60 point drubbing so apparently women have no idea how the game of basketball is played either. If any women want to prove themselves, which i’m sure some women’s rights, PC nutcake will want to, dude819 on xbox live would love to serve you.”

Wow. I am … sort of filled with hate today. Sorry, guys!

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Why we don’t do soccer properly, reason #5,049,000

Well, for one thing, I called it “soccer.” But like many more Americans than you might think, I’m hooked on the World Cup this year. And I’ve taken to watching this show, World Cup Live, on ESPN2 every night at 9:30. But here’s the thing. Soccer is a game that is mostly about THE FEET. And in our wonderful American way, we broadcast World Cup Live on ESPN2 with the standard ESPN crawl, plus the constant lower-third graphic showing, say, the names of the team or helpful stats or some other information that our constant-stimulation-addled U.S. brains apparently need to get through even 30 seconds of TV programming. The result? If the shot’s not overhead, the fancy footwork part of the game–which, I think it’s worth noting again, is sort of the “thing,” sort of the raison d’etre, sort of the entire gestalt of the football experience–is COMPLETELY OBSCURED. In the HIGHLIGHT REELS.

I know there are bigger reasons than this to be embarrassed for my country, but seriously. Not one person thought of this? No one?

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Almost met an idol, but not quite

So, last week I was on Forum, a show on KQED, which is the Bay Area’s public radio station (you can hear it here, should you care to; it’s the June 16 show). I love Forum, because the host, Michael Krasny, is absolutely awesome–he seems to know everything about everything, and he’s an incredible interviewer. So, when I heard I was going to be on Forum, well, I got pretty excited. No offense intended to G4 or anything. But then, tragedy struck.

Well, ok, not tragedy. But massive disappointment. I noticed early in the week that Michael Krasny hadn’t been on, and I started to be filled with dread. The dread was realized when I showed up at the studio Friday, and sure enough, he wasn’t there. The show was actually hosted by substitute teacher Susan Rasky. Extreme bummer. The show went fine (sigh), but I’m still hoping for a return appearance when Papa Krasny is in the house. (My god, I can’t believe I’m such a public radio dork.)

In other missed opportunities, I made the mistake of peeking at my email today to see that I could have been interviewed on CNBC and Marketwatch if I weren’t (horrors!) taking two days off to, you know, keep myself from going insane. But hey, at least I’m not so work-obsessed that I called them back on my vacation day. (And no, blogging about it doesn’t count.) And finally, in other recent appearances that are notable for geeky types, I was on This Week in Tech last week (available for video and audio) where I was a spy in the house of Yahoo but came back with nothing to report. This Thursday, I’ll be on John Dvorak’s Cranky Geeks vidcast. Enjoy!

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Attack of The Molly (uh, the Show)

I’m a busy bee lately. I was a guest on the number one tech podcast in the known universe, This Week in Tech on Sunday, where, oh my goodness, I actually corrected John Dvorak (who, I am certain, was utterly unfazed). Then, tomorrow (6/6/06), I’ll be appearing on Attack of the Show on G4, where I’ll fight to the death against Ryan Block from Engadget over … well, ok. Where Ryan, Wil O’Neal, and I shall discuss the dangers of early tech adoption. (But seriously, I am hoping for a smack dizzown.) Check your local listings for airtimes. Next week, a lifelong dream is fulfilled, but I can’t talk about it yet because I don’t want to jinx it.

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