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Bump bump!

An awesome Buzz Out Loud listener (aren’t they all?) has, finally, made me look like a normal and not-crazy woman in my household. For years, I’ve been yammering on about my favorite cartoon, which features a bear picking up trash with a pokey stick and a catchy little “bump bump” tune. But no one’s ever seen it, and no one ever believes that it’s real. In desperation, I brought it up on BOL, and voila! Humphrey the bear. Hooray! Seriously, YouTube is pretty amazing. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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Reuters, MarketWatch, 1971, and the Hoff

Ok, first, to get the SSP (shameless self-promotion) out of the way. I recently taped a segment on viral video for Reuters which, appropriately enough, is now on the Internet! Watch it here. And also, I was interviewed for a column in MarketWatch, about CNET’s “geek power” — which, ok, I admit, the premise was somewhat unexpected, but it was still cool to be quoted front and center. Read the column here. And finally, in “horrible discoveries” news, I was recently alerted to my Wikipedia profile, which, to my total dismay and misery, listed me as having been born in 1971. Ouch, dudes. Ouch. I’ve since corrected it — oh, don’t you worry.

And speaking of shameless self-promoters, I know the Hoff is apparently back and hotter than hot (king of the Internet!), but I admit that, despite watching a marathon of Knight Rider episodes on SciFi while traveling back from Boston on JetBlue last week, I just don’t get it. Well, ok, then I watched his insane, revolting, oddly fascinating, and ultimately mildly hilarious music video, and then I sort of got it. Freakshow. Factor.

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Woo hoo, CNN!

To those interested parties, I am excited to report that I’ll be making my first CNN appearance Sunday morning! I’ll be live on Reliable Sources, talking about citizen journalism and its effects on traditional media. The show airs at 7:30 a.m. PT, 10:30 a.m. ET. So, I fully understand if only East Coasties watch live, but I’ll expect you West Coast types to set the TiVo! ;) UPDATE: I think I’ve fixed the link (I’ve got some issues with the weird WordPress editor, frankly), and here’s the transcript of the appearance. I have the whole thing on videotape (they still make that?) and am working on digitizing for post here.

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