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In case you missed it …

I’m sure you’re all totally sick of hearing about the R&K appearance, but I know some of you missed it due to, like, having day jobs (how rude!). So, thanks to the wonders of technology (video capture from my TiVo), here it is. Enjoy!

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Regis and Kelly: it happened!

Molly, Regis, and Kelly
I’m back from my whirlwind trip to NY — there on Sunday, back on Monday, and from the taping with Regis and Kelly. In the house today: Val Kilmer (walk-by while I was in the green room), Noah Wyle (brush-by on the way from hair and makeup, PLUS up close in the green room getting coffee), and Lucy Liu (walk-by). Add that to Regis and Kelly themselves, and dang. That upped my lifetime celebrity sightings by at LEAST 100 percent. Quick bits: Gelman is … not super nice. Kelly and Regis ARE super nice. The segment will air, once again, on Monday, Nov. 27. They don’t tape all their shows in advance, and I’m not sure why they taped this one. I don’t think I sucked spectacularly, but Gelman (ahem) insisted on live online searches for product pricing, despite the studio’s dubious Internet connection. Result? Internet went down JUST as I was loading CNET Shopper.com. OUCH. Anyway, I was there, and I have a picture of me and the Little People to prove it.

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Dudes. Regis and Kelly.

I am almost too nervous to blog this, but I already booked my ticket and hotel, so if it falls through now, it’s not my fault. I have been booked to appear on Regis and Kelly (boom!) on Monday, Nov. 27th, talking about online shopping and how to get the fab deals! I will actually be taping the segment on Monday, the 20th, because, apparently, they tape 7 days in advance (a little insider secret, there). And man, am I PSYCHED. Not to diss Montel or anything, but this is probably my first major national show! W00t! In that spirit, I thought I’d hit you with a little Kelly Ripa SNL hilarity. (I hope I don’t have to stand next to her. She is SMALL. And I am TALL.)

In other news today, I’ll be live on CNBC’s “On the Money” tonight at 7:30 Eastern/4:30 Pacific, talking about the hapless little Microsoft Zune.

UPDATE: I am going to attempt to embed the video, after multiple attempts that entailed lots of fighting with the WordPress rich visual editor crap thing. Sorry, I suck at using this blog tool (or it sucks, but I’m trying to be nice). (Apologies if any of you receive this 100 times.)

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