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I need your vote!

Ok, I know, I shouldn’t acknowledge being called a “Techbabe,” and I shouldn’t feel picked on because I got a honky-lookin’ screen grab instead of a nice, fuzzy, wind-machine model picture. But I need your votes. It’s just too embarrassing otherwise. :)

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Attack of the Show today, live!

First, wow, I have been very remiss. There were a bunch of appearances during CES that I totally forgot to tell you guys about, and I do really apologize. I was sort of trying to … remain standing. And then last week, I did Attack of the Show, and forgot to tell you, so today, I’m … giving you almost no notice whatsoever. Nice, huh? I’m good at this. Anyway, I’ll be on G4′s Attack of the Show today, live, at around 4 p.m. Pacific. The good news, since most of you are likely to miss it, is that they put the show online afterward, so you can check it out later. I’ll be on The Loop, arguing about whether YouTube is the new Napster and Viacom is doing the right thing by demanding the takedown of 100,000 copyrighted video clips. Fun!

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