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Oh, hey, this blog!

I sort of forgot about this blog, what with the whole “constant baby updates” thing. Obviously, the media appearances are few and far between these days, but I am preparing for my grand return to work (July 9, for those of you keeping track), and it’s a little bit scary-yet-exciting. When I was at home with a furious, colicky, gassy baby (weeks 6-13, roughly, with pockets still occurring), I was REALLY ready to go back to work. But these days … well, it turns out he’s quite the little charmer after all. Anyway, I’ll try to get over here more often for some grownup thoughts, but until then, I’ve gotten surprisingly hooked on Twitter, where I can post little 140-character thoughts as they happen. Handle is mollywood. Although, frankly, I’m not sure how you find someone without signing up yourself, so I guess I’m officially attempting to convert you all. It’s definitely the kind of thing I should hate (I kind of … I don’t know, I’m a little scoffy with respect to the new-one-every-second Web 2.0 jobbies), but it’s kind of the perfect solution for a new mom who’s desperate for a little contact with the outside world but with no real time to blog. And with that, I think I hear a whimper from the other room. Onward and upward …

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