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Tom Brokaw day!

Wow, it was a banner day here at CNET. We had Tom Brokaw in as part of the speaker series that I’m pretty sure no one at CNET really even realized we had, until we booked Brokaw. He’s promoting his new book, Boom!: Voices of the Sixties (which I will dutifully plug), so he gave us his “book speech” about the 60s, which was super interesting. And then I (!) got to interview (!) him and facilitate questions from the people in attendance! And it was awesome! Brokaw and I have shared geography (Dakotas, Montana, and even Omaha, NE), so, you know, we’re tight like that. (Right.) Anyway, I got the obligatory cheese-ball photo, complete with red-eye:

Brokaw and Me

Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. And then I went and shot a new episode of Mailbag, which reminds me to post the last episode:

Mailbag: 11/6

Click here to watch.

And that reminds me that the Buzz Report is out today, too. Here it is:

Phew. I have been busy.

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