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Madeleine Albright, notifications, and the latest Buzz Report

First, a little housecleaning. My apologies for spamming you all with the old Tom Brokaw post the other day. It was an accident related to a video where I show people how to post to their blogs in Word 2007 (should be up in a few days, I’ll post the link when it’s live). But that little incident alerted me to a problem with the email notifications, wherein you receive the last post via email, instead of the current post. But hopefully, that will be fixed, and you’ll all find out about …

How I got to interview Madeleine Albright on Friday! It was another installment of our speakers’ series here at CNET, not a video or anything, but it was, if possible, even cooler than talking to Brokaw. She is just incredibly … real, and engaging, and funny, and off-the-cuff. It was a blast. Here we are chatting it up:

Molly and Madeleine

And here we are later with Per Wingerup from CNET HR (did you all know Madeleine is 5’2″?):

Molly, Madeleine, and Per

It was a really outstanding day.

In other updates, I really, really have to get better about updating this blog with videos — I blame holidays, CES, and almost-constant illness due to child-under-one. But here’s the latest Buzz Report:

And click here to watch Mailbag on CNET TV. It’s a good one. How can you tell? One segment is called, “What is wrong with you!?” Enjoy!

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