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Digital movie copies: you’ve got a long way to go

I’m just downloading my free digital copy of The Hangover from Warner Brothers and … wow. What a bad process. The download itself is a Windows Media Player format. It’s not compatible with iTunes, PSP, or Zunes. The installation process also includes installing Adobe Air. To get the download, you must install a “Digital Copy Manager” that phones home about your “use” of the digital copy (this is not optional). Now, it wants me to upgrade “security components” of Windows Media Player so that I can play this protected file on my computer. All of this requires constant babysitting so that I’m 10 minutes in and can’t do anything else before I’m even ready to enter the authorization code. Oh, and then it auto-launches an ad. Guys. Seriously. iTunes has this figured out. There is no reason your DRM has to be this obnoxiously restrictive and intrusive. If the digital copy is this hard and this limited, it’s not a better option than piracy. And that’s not how you win. (Plus, now there’s no WAY this download will be done by the time I have to leave for the airport. Boo.)

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