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Next stop: Radio. I’m going to Marketplace!

A personal blog is a funny thing, in the age of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and every other way I choose to share information these days. For example, the last post here on my personal blog says that I’m going to the New York Times. This post says that I’m leaving the New York Times. I’m leaving it for American Public Media’s Marketplace show on public radio, where I’ll have the

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Digital movie copies: you’ve got a long way to go

I’m just downloading my free digital copy of The Hangover from Warner Brothers and … wow. What a bad process. The download itself is a Windows Media Player format. It’s not compatible with iTunes, PSP, or Zunes. The installation process also includes installing Adobe Air. To get the download, you must install a “Digital Copy Manager” that phones home about your “use” of the digital copy (this is not optional).

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Windows 7 launch day keeping me busy

Pretty good media tally for me on Windows 7 launch day (so far?)! Here’s the hit I did on CNBC: And they quoted me like crazy in the news piece they did later, which was funny since I didn’t feel like I said anything much at all. I was also on NPR’s Marketplace this morning, which was a personal thrill (I love that show). Listen to it here (click “Listen

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Car tech! My Ford F-150 video

I got to spend last weekend driving around in a 2009 Ford F-150, which I now really miss, so I could do a rare Car Tech video for CNET. It was awesome, Eli needs that truck, and I found a great new place to go horseback riding!