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Going independent … and going authentic

This week, I announced that I’m leaving CNET to pursue independent projects. What I’m really pursuing with this move, though, is independence. I’m not just going freelance: I’m going authentic. I’ve done a lot of thinking about what to do with my career over the last few months–years, maybe. And I finally came up with what I consider the North Star for my future: in a sea of noise, authentic,

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Car tech! My Ford F-150 video

I got to spend last weekend driving around in a 2009 Ford F-150, which I now really miss, so I could do a rare Car Tech video for CNET. It was awesome, Eli needs that truck, and I found a great new place to go horseback riding!

My sentiments exactly

So, you know, some fairly big news today: CBS to acquire CNET (with obligatory disclaimer that the deal’s not done and everything). I know only what you know, other than that I am, of course, extremely interested in what’s going to happen over the next several months. But I will say it’s been kind of exciting to see the CNET name being bandied about like crazy today, from Variety to

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