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Digital movie copies: you’ve got a long way to go

I’m just downloading my free digital copy of The Hangover from Warner Brothers and … wow. What a bad process. The download itself is a Windows Media Player format. It’s not compatible with iTunes, PSP, or Zunes. The installation process also includes installing Adobe Air. To get the download, you must install a “Digital Copy Manager” that phones home about your “use” of the digital copy (this is not optional).

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The big blue junk (a “Watchmen” addendum)

Warning: contains action-related spoilers. Ok. The “Watchmen” movie includes all of the following scenes, and more: a man being beaten and thrown out of a skyscraper; dogs chewing on the leg-bone of a little girl who’s been raped, butchered, and murdered; the subsequent death of those dogs; a man’s skull split open multiple times with a cleaver; the point-blank shooting of a pregnant woman; the brutal beating and attempted rape

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