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Windows 7 launch day keeping me busy

Pretty good media tally for me on Windows 7 launch day (so far?)! Here’s the hit I did on CNBC: And they quoted me like crazy in the news piece they did later, which was funny since I didn’t feel like I said anything much at all. I was also on NPR’s Marketplace this morning, which was a personal thrill (I love that show). Listen to it here (click “Listen

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Wow. TV just died a little for me.

I confess: I stopped watching the Emmys. It was shortly after Tina Fey won (yay!) and some idiot announced that I should “love TV and fear the Internet.” But honestly, I’d been offended for quite a while before Sonnenfeld’s crack. And my other confession is that I love television, particularly the crappy reality type, and the shows that are constantly overlooked and undervalued by the Emmys and the ratings types,

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