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I’m turning off Follow on Facebook

My apologies to my Facebook subscribers, but I’m turning off Follow on Facebook. The problem is the Facebook policy that changes my default posting settings permanently every time I post. So, if I post something publicly so all my followers can see it, like show information or updates about work, my default setting is then Public (i.e., “last used”) until I change it back. The result of that policy is

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Going independent … and going authentic

This week, I announced that I’m leaving CNET to pursue independent projects. What I’m really pursuing with this move, though, is independence. I’m not just going freelance: I’m going authentic. I’ve done a lot of thinking about what to do with my career over the last few months–years, maybe. And I finally came up with what I consider the North Star for my future: in a sea of noise, authentic,

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The AT&T third-party eBill verification process, in 50 easy steps

Ok, this is what it takes to sign up to get eBills from AT&T (for phone and Internet service — don’t ask) delivered to my bank. First, you click “get bills online” on the bank site. When you do this with, say, Visa or Verizon, you get a pop-up asking you to verify, which you do, and the e-bills show up a couple of cycles later. Not so with AT&T.

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Digital movie copies: you’ve got a long way to go

I’m just downloading my free digital copy of The Hangover from Warner Brothers and … wow. What a bad process. The download itself is a Windows Media Player format. It’s not compatible with iTunes, PSP, or Zunes. The installation process also includes installing Adobe Air. To get the download, you must install a “Digital Copy Manager” that phones home about your “use” of the digital copy (this is not optional).

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